The first wine of the Company

IGT Toscana Sangiovese

A very nice wine with a ready-to-drink but & nbsp; joyful and full satisfaction, a Sangiovese base to which the Ciliegiolo is assembled both vinified separately in cement tanks, we find it on the market in bottles already from March.

Serving .
All meat dishes, meats and cheeses.

Appellation: DOC Maremma Toscana Sangiovese
Variety: 100% Sangiovese

Wine tasting features

Colour: bright ruby red
Fragrance: mature red fruit, with floral and spicy notes
Taste: well balanced fragrant and concentrated

Land production features

Property: Rascioni & Cecconello
Altitude: 100 m above sea level
Surface: 1 hectare (complexively 5 Ha)
Orientation: South-south east
Plant: density 3500 plants per ha
Breeding: system single guyot

Wine-making and refining

Yield per ha: 70 quintal litres per ha
Vintage period: end September
Vintage making: handmade
Grape pressing: soft
Fermentation containers: concrete
Fermentation temperature: 28° c
Fermentation period: 8 – 10 days
Maceration period of Grape skins: 10 days
Malolactic fermentation: carried out
Refining containers: concrete
Refining period: 6 months
Bottling date: spring
Bottle refining: 2 months

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