Ciliegiolo. Da un vitigno autoctono, un vino di alta qualitĂ 

The company over the years has fought for ciliegiolo . From a & nbsp; native vine , it could produce a high quality wine.

With the birth of Poggio Ciliegio , the dream is therefore transformed into reality, the wines produced Rascioni & Cecconello goes beyond the borders of Italy, so much so that the Americans call Paolino Cecconello the “wine architect” and Robert Parker assigns to Poggio Ciliegio a 2006 * 91/100 rating so saying:

“Poggio Ciliegio 2006 is an intense, full-bodied wine with hints of wild blackberries, smoke, grilled herbs and wet earth.
This powerful and authoritarian wine has an excellent balance and an incredible global balance.
The warmth of the Maremma is felt on the long and expansive final, where the sweet final notes indulge until the end “

The University of Pisa ascertained with an inspection and tasting the Ciliegiolo wine as this wine was of high quality, they were so disconcerted by the aromas and elegance, that they decided to take away the slips for their grafting.

Ciliegiolo in purity Igt Toscana.

Poggio Ciliegio

IGT Toscana
Ciliegiolo 100%

Vermentino IGT Maremma Toscana.


IGT Toscana

IGT Toscana Ciliegiolo


IGT Toscana
Ciliegiolo 100%


IGT Toscana Sangiovese

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