Pitigliano Town


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Pitigliano Town

Up in the marvellous Maremma hills we can distinguish a picturesque village with peculiar houses that seem to mould into the tufa buttress on which they are built and that counts about 4000 inhabitants: Pitigliano, also called the “little Jerusalem” for its Jewish comunity and the synagogue.

Pitigliano is surely to be considered one of the prettiest and most important towns in Tuscany and in Italy in general.

It was founded by the Romans on ancient Etruscan settlements and was then controlled by the Aldobrandeschi during the Middle Ages. At the end of the 13th century, the little village went under the dominion of the Orsini becoming the capital of the county until the 17th century, when the Medici Family included it in their Grand Duchy.