Orbetello Town

The culture of making wine.

Orbetello, town of the Maremma Grossetana,  is from Grosseto just over 40 kilometers and is located in the center of the homonymous lagoon, important nature reserve created and managed by Wwf , considered one of the most important wintering areas for many species of birds, already a human settlement since the Etruscan period.

In 280 BC the Romans took control of it and at the same time founded the city of Cosa , the political and administrative capital of the territory, near Ansedonia , located on the homonymous promontory, a well-known archaeological site remembered for important engineering works such as the Tagliata Etrusca , from the Etruscan-Roman age, designed to prevent the ancient port from being covered up and the Spacco della Regina .

During the medieval period, Orbetello is in the hands of the Aldobrandeschi family who presided over it until the beginning of the fourteenth century, when it then passed under the control of Orvieto , the Orsini of Pitigliano, however, claim its ownership, the long wars lead to weaken the defenses and were thus conquered at the beginning of the fifteenth century by the Sienese who controlled it until the middle of the sixteenth century, when the whole area passes under the dominion of the Kingdom of Naples, in the State of Presidi, becoming its capital.
Only at the beginning of the nineteenth century, it became part of the Grand Duchy of Tuscany.

Orbetello, is divided into several fractions:
– & nbsp; Albinia, developed around the 1950s with the land reform, sadly reaching the news for the flood of 12 November 2012 caused by the flooding of the Albegna river
– & nbsp; Fonteblanda , a small tourist resort on the slopes of Poggio Talamonaccio
Giannella , located in the center of the homonymous tombolo characterized by long sandy beaches, pine forest and Mediterranean bush
Talamone point of landing in 1860 of Garibaldi with the Thousand to refuel during the shipment.

No less important, other places to remember are: Barca del Grazi , Bengodi , Doganella, La Parrina , Pitorsino , Dusty , Four Roads , Querciolaie , Salinas Sadun , San Donato

Orbetello the mill
Vitigno Ciliegiolo
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