Vine breeding

Method we use.

Method we use.

Method we use. The First one is called “double Guyot” and consists in having two grape shoots instead of only one.

Our vines are divided into the two varieties of “sangiovese” and “ciliegiolo”. They are planted on a surface of about 5 hectares and include 3800 plants per hectare and each branch has 12 gemmas.

They grow on a hilly soil of medium consitency and with a high percentage of skeleton that gives the grapes a great freshness.

The work on the vines is carried out with utmost care, carefully respecting natural cycles, reducing antiparasite treatments as much as possible, and only using organic fertilizers.

All the productive phases such as growing, wine making and bottling are carefully followed by Attilio Pagli and Giacomo Cesari.

Elegance and equilibrium, freshness and a fruity taste: Rascioni and Cecconello’s wines are the expression of the land where they are produced.

Another solution of vine breeding that we use is called “cordon spurr”: a few months after the beginning of winter the plants are pruned leaving only one or two branches that will be kept for four of five years with only four equidistant spurs between them.

The following prunings consist in renewing the spurs every year.[:]